IEEC 2024
9th International Electrical Engineering Conference
NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi
Friday 7th & Saturday 8th, June 2024
"Illuminating Pathways: Navigating Pakistan's Energy Challenges and Opportunities" – Rappel-Up 2024

IEEC-International Electrical Engineering Conference (2024)

The Department of Electrical Engineering, NED UET Karachi and IEP Karachi Centre are proud to announce the upcoming International Electrical Engineering Conference (IEEC), themed "Illuminating Pathways: Navigating Pakistan's Energy Challenges and Opportunities" – Rappel-Up 2024. This conference serves as a crucial platform for addressing the pressing issues facing Pakistan's energy sector and exploring innovative solutions to shape a sustainable future.
Generation vs. Transmission: Bridging the Gap
One of the critical challenges faced by Pakistan's energy sector is the disparity between generation capacity and transmission capabilities. Despite having ample generation capacity, the transmission bottleneck hinders the efficient distribution of electricity, leading to unscheduled load shedding and blackouts. Rappel-Up 2024 aims to delve into the root causes of this bottleneck and propose strategies for enhancing the transmission infrastructure to meet the growing demand.
Escalating Energy Costs: Unraveling the Complexities
The regular increase in energy costs in Pakistan raises concerns about the sustainability of the current energy framework. Factors such as circular debt, heavy loans, and agreements with Independent Power Producers (IPPs) in USDs contribute to the escalating costs. Rappel-Up 2024 will facilitate discussions on these challenges and explore viable solutions to stabilize and reduce energy costs.
Optimizing Renewable Energy Potential
Pakistan boasts abundant renewable energy potential, particularly in solar and wind energy. However, harnessing this potential requires a clear roadmap and effective policies. Rappel-Up 2024 will provide insights into global agreements and frameworks for renewable energy generation, offering a pathway for Pakistan to maximize its renewable energy potential and reduce its reliance on fossil fuels.
Manufacturing and Import Status of Electrical Engineering Infrastructure
Pakistan currently relies heavily on imports for major components of its electrical engineering infrastructure. This dependency poses challenges in terms of cost, availability, and technological advancement. Rappel-Up 2024 will explore strategies to promote local manufacturing and reduce import dependency, thereby boosting the domestic economy and enhancing technological capabilities.
Harvesting Coal Reserves in a Sustainable Manner
Despite having substantial coal reserves, Pakistan faces the challenge of balancing its energy needs with international climate commitments. Rappel-Up 2024 will deliberate on sustainable approaches to harnessing Pakistan's coal reserves, taking into account environmental concerns and global climate agreements.
In conclusion, Rappel-Up 2024 offers a unique platform to address the complex challenges facing Pakistan's energy sector and explore sustainable solutions. By bringing together experts, policymakers, and stakeholders, the conference aims to illuminate pathways for a resilient and sustainable energy future for Pakistan. Join us at Rappel-Up 2024 as we navigate through Pakistan's energy challenges and unlock its vast opportunities.
Dear Prospective Speakers Are you passionate about addressing the energy challenges and opportunities in Pakistan? Do you have expertise in any of the critical areas being discussed at Rappel-Up 2024? We invite you to share your knowledge and insights by delivering a talk at our conference. If you are interested in speaking at Rappel-Up 2024 and believe that your expertise aligns with our conference theme, please send us your CV along with a brief summary of the topic you would like to present at |LS||RS|. Our selection committee will carefully review all submissions and extend invitations to selected speakers. Let’s illuminate pathways for Pakistan's energy future.

Areas of Interest

The conference covers all areas of Electrical Engineering, including but not limited to the following:


Organizing Committee

Engr. Prof. Dr. Saad Ahmed Qazi
Dean ECE, NEDUET & Convener, IEEC-2024

Engr. Prof. Dr. Attaullah Khawaja
Chairman, EE Dept., NEDUET & Co-Convener, IEEC-2024

Engr. Dr. Abdul Ghani Abro
Member IEP Local Council, Conference Secretary, IEEC-2024
Engr. Dr. Abdurrahman Javed Shaikh
Program Chair, IEEC-2024
Engr. Dr. Krishan Lal
Universities Coordination Chair, IEEC 2024
Engr. Syed Muhammad Zahid
IT Support Chair, IEEC  2024

Engr. Dr. Muhammad Mohsin Aman
Industrial Engagement Chair, IEEC-2024

Engr. Dr. Mirza Muhammad Ali Baig
Academic Chair, IEEC 2024

Engr. Dr. Raja Masood Larik
Event Chair, IEEC 2024

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IEEC-2024 Website launched.

Detailed website for 9th International Electrical Engineering Congress - IEEC 2024 has been officially Launched. Deadlines and respective information have also been updated. All concerned are advised to visit the website for NEWS and Updates. (Updated | 30-01-2024)

Sponsors and Collaborators 2024

IEEC 2024 Organisers

The Institution of Engineers Pakistan Karachi Chapter
NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi, Pakistan.


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